User- Generated Content

In what ways do professionals in your field use the growth of UGC and/or transmedia story-telling?

Markets heavily rely on user-generated content in all aspects of their workplace. The use of user-generated content is essential to the marketing profession as it has strong relevance to any type of content that is being marketed to consumers. Marketers are constantly thinking of how the content can be used and where will the content should be displayed to capture consumer’s attention. “Companies are looking for online interaction with customers, a solid presence on social media, and other dynamic ways to connect with potential consumers”. (Pate, A. 2013).

The concept of user- generated content has been made accessible for the relationship between the brand and the consumers. The invention of smartphones has therefore made it easier to “to take photos, make videos, draw pictures, and otherwise broadcast our thoughts and opinions instantly through numerous social channels”.(Kates,M.2013).

User- generated content is an effective tool “for brands to engage both new and existing customers”.( Kates,M.2013). User- generated content is used specifically in campaigns as it makes it easier for the consumer to be able to market on the brand’s behalf which can therefore lead to a higher engagement and therefore provide actionable consumer data.

It is vital for brands to be able to present a call to action which helps to identify the companies objectives of the chosen campaign and also gives an outline on what the objectives are you wish to achieve. User- generated content also has a different intended target audience. “For example, it is far easier for a user to submit a picture or send a tweet than it is to create a video”. (Kates,M.2013).

The content should also increase the level of engagement for consumers by making it easy for consumers to be able to share their content amongst different social channels.

User- generated content is able to provide deeper engagement with the consumers to create a platform where their intended consumers can socialize and be able to control and monitor and in return consumers are able to get access to a rang of products and services which can therefore lead to word of mouth.

A stronger community such as community message board also allows consumers to conduct an open- discussion that has any relevance to the company.

With the rise of social tools and mobiles it gives marketers an opportunity to have engagement with passionate consumers. Which can therefore lead to a greater brand engagement.

Fiesta Movement

An example of User- Generated Content is evident in Ford’s the fiesta movement as it uses 100 bloggers, and cosisits of them having a car and a video camera, to receive monthly challenges and to therefore blog about their own experiences. This resulted in a gain of 6.2 million YouTube views, and 40 million tweets which helped to increase the awareness of the ford fiesta to a new demographic of American consumers. Which also earned an increase in pre- order and sold unit figures.

The head of social media of the ford company implemented this plan in the year 2009. Fast tracking to recent times the campaign is being used for the ‘2014 fiesta movement’, which will help launch the new fiesta. Ford is creating their content on all of their social pages to help gain momentum and to increase followers. The most effective content will be then displayed on the ford’s own fiesta movement website. Instagram images, videos and blogs that are written by the selected consumers will therefore help to form the starting point of ford’s ad campaign. This is ford’s first user- generated content campaign that they are implementing into their brand.


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